Hoi An Photo Tour

I took a photography tour in Hoi An and wish I would have taken one before we embarked on our trip.  Our group went to the outskirts of Hoi An to take photos and it was easy to approach people and ask for a photo since everyone knew our tour guide.  I learned a lot about my camera (read: get rid of it and buy a new one).  We lost light quickly, but these were my best shots of the day.

Buffing things up for Tet

Buffing things up for Tet



With our instructor, who speaks perfect Vietnamese


It’s amazing what people can fit on motorbikes here. This is a common sight. Add a few more people to this bike and put a cell phone or a cigarette in the driver’s hand and that would also be quite normal. Drivers are very coordinated 🙂

On to the rice paddies:

In the rice paddys

Working hard in the rice paddy



My favorite shot of the day

My favorite shot of the day

Planting peanuts

Planting peanuts



We had lost the magic hour sunlight at this point but still got some decent shots back in the village, and got to say hi to a bunch of kiddos:





We learned panning, and I was stoked… but then I tried again after the class and couldn’t re-create it (the background won’t blur). Photographer friends, what am I doing wrong?


And finally, some night shots: I don’t have this perfected but it was really fun messing around with different exposures:




Overall, a fun, informative day taking photos!


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