Life on the Road: Southeast Asia Edition

You know you’ve been traveling too long when:

-A rat runs through a restaurant, and you shrug and strut right up to the counter to place your order.

-You accidentally order liver soup and still eat it.

-You get overly excited when the shower is warm, and the wi-fi actually works.

-It’s no surprise when the straightforward train ticket you purchased has a two-hour-bus ride intermission.

-Seeing a family of four, sans helmets, on a scooter is no longer surprising.

-It’s a relief to find a running route that does not consist of five stray dogs chasing you.

-Toilet paper goes in the trash, and you flush the toilet with a bucket, duh.

-You’re really excited to see pizza on the menuq             aaaaaaaa (P.S. a cat just crawled onto my keyboard and I like her artistic contribution so I’m leaving it).

-Stray cats join you for all meals of the day.

-You come to expect a smoothie with fresh papaya, coconut, mango, and pineapple, every morning.

-Anything above $2 for a coffee is extortion.

-12 hour overnight bus rides are nice because you save on a hotel room.

-It’s like finding the holy grail when you find a bathroom with a western toilet and soap. Sigh.

-You build in ‘American Days’ where you go to the mall, grab a starbucks coffee, and go watch a movie.

-You don’t expect Skype calls to actually work.

We were pretty homesick around the holidays but had a lot of fun in Chiang Mai for a couple weeks, and then cheered ourselves up by booking with The Gibbon Experience- a ziplining/sleeping in treehouses excursion in the Laotian jungle! We leave tomorrow: 1/1/15. A good way to start out the year. Tonight we are staying at Daauw Homestay, in Huay Xai, Laos where all proceeds from the rooms, restaurant, and their crafts store go to local women. The Daauw home trains women to start their own rural homestays, and it’s also a place where rural villagers can stay, free of charge, while they bring family members here to the hospital.


The shop at Daauw Homestay. Just up my alley.


Some of the crafts. BTW if 10 of y’all want to buy one of these (I think they run from 8 to 15 Euros for pillowcase covers, handstitched by Hmong women) they will ship the box for free.


View from the restaurant at Daauw Home




Our bungalow


2 thoughts on “Life on the Road: Southeast Asia Edition

  1. hahaha your blog makes me smile and laugh and wish I could go there and experience exactly the same things you guys are experiencing 🙂 you two are very lucky, keep having fun and dont stop posting pics :). Tell Cale Im runnig the Cale Im running the Miami marathon this sunday, with my brooks 🙂

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