Vacation from our Vacation

For anyone considering a trip like this, I wouldn’t recommend 14 countries in 7 months.  That’s bad planning on our part.  I know it sounds ridiculous since we are taking a year away from work (and even more ridiculous after Skyping with cousin Katie who had just worked a 4-day nursing shift), but we are exhausted.  I had read that this might happen and the best way to beat it is just to sit down somewhere for a week or more. So, where better to do this than an island off of Thailand’s east coast?

We spent two weeks on Koh Phangan recovering from a cold, swimming, sitting in the sun, exploring the island by motorbike,  and not unpacking and repacking our bags.


hotel #1 on Koh Phangan: Beck’s


Sunset from Beck’s


Beach bar at Beck’s. Our bartender, Lek, won a big bartending competition while we were there!



Amsterdam Bar


Sunset view from Amsterdam Bar


The three best friends that anyone could have


Bottle Beach


Beach pup at Bottle Beach


Hotel #2: Milky Bay.


Coconut at Milky Bay


The most amazing meal: BBQ fish and prawns

A couple weeks later we are well rested and ready for more traveling! Bring on those 12 hour overnight bus rides!


6 thoughts on “Vacation from our Vacation

  1. Travel exhaustion is definitely a thing, and I totally feel you on getting sick of constantly living out of a bag. Glad to hear you guys got some rest, and the pictures look amazing!

    I also wanted to let you know that I have gotten a job in India and am back in Bangalore! I don’t know if India is on your list, but if you do happen to head this way, please be sure to let me know! I am happy to help with any logistics, and once I have my own place [hopefully in a few weeks], you also have a place to stay.

    Safe travels, and happy early 2015!

    • Thanks Veena, and congrats on the job! Unfortunately India wasn’t in the plan this time around though I would love to devote a longer trip just to India someday. Definitely let me know if you’re ever in Seattle!

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