True Love in Taiwan

Our journey takes us from Istanbul to Taiwan, for another wedding! Our friends Jason and Shiang Ping were having a reception in Tainan and we were invited… so how could we pass up the opportunity?

We were happy and honored to have been invited.  We also secretly liked having to buy a new outfit fit for a wedding!  When I asked Jason about dress code, he basically said “you should be fine, just no jeans.” Little did he know that the nicest outfit Cale had was quick dry pants from REI with dirty Nike sneakers… and the nicest outfit I had was a long skirt and collared shirt; Cale makes fun of me each time I wear it; he calls me his Hutterite wife.  So, our nicest clothes weren’t acceptable.  But we were, shall I say, over-eager to have an excuse to buy new clothes.


Awww yeah, I got a new outfit!


Him too!

The ceremony was so fun and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure it’s the closest I’ll ever get to an Oscar-like experience. There was a red carpet and everything!

Given, we couldn’t understand a word of what was happening but some nice folks at our table helped translate a couple things, and really the most important thing (aside from true love) was the food, which is a universal language.

There were 12 courses at this meal! We probably shouldn’t have eaten lunch but who am I kidding, we had room to try everything. Yes, I really took a photo of each dish, and yes, I’m really going to post them all here. It’s my blog, I do what I want.


I missed the first appetizer. This is #2, a rice dumpling dish.



Dishes 3 and 4: lobster and shark fin soup



#5: Scallops and Clams, just clap your hands!



#6: Grouper and Tofu



#7 Abalone with mushrooms and pig’s sinew



#8 Rice with meat and lotus seed



#9 Chicken Soup!



#10: Dim Sum Pastries



#11: Cream with Honeydew



#12: Fresh Fruit Platter

Shiang Ping had three different dress changes throughout the evening and I’m pretty sure her and Jason’s faces were frozen into smiles by the end of the event, from greeting almost 500 guests!


Jason and Shiang Ping on the red carpet



How cute are these kiddos?



Stars of the show

We went home with big smiles and full bellies.



6 thoughts on “True Love in Taiwan

  1. Cale and Sarah–Well, every new episode on this blog just gets better and better! Loved the ones from Turkey–heck, I love them all. Sounds like Southeast Asia may be next? Are you there? Where will Christmas be celebrated??

    • Lisa! I am behind on responding to comments, obviously! Thanks for reading the blog! We spent Christmas in Chiang Mai (at a drag show- there’s a first time for everything!). Unfortunately we are skipping Burma though would love to go on our next adventure 🙂

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