We Found the Sun! Olympos, Turkey.

After experiencing freezing cold weather in Goreme, we needed to find the sun again.  One night bus later, we arrived in Antalya.  We spent a couple days recovering from said night bus, then moved on to Olympos.

Olympos is a backpackers paradise, located on the southern coast of Turkey. We were drawn to it because we were searching for warmer weather, we wanted to hike a portion of the Lycian Way, and because the guidebook said something about treehouse lodging which sounded fun!  Really all that means is Olympos has several hostels advertising rooms built on wooden platforms with ladders leading up to get in, open windows, and no bathroom.  Nights were a bit too chilly to book a treehouse so we ended up staying at a place called Saban’s which also had heated cabins.  The great thing about this place is that they include breakfast and dinner with the price of the room.  The food is amazing, and there is so much of it that you don’t need lunch. So it’s pretty much all-inclusive.


Beach at Olympos



Cale tolerating yet another photo. At Olympos.



Sunset at Olympos



Oh yeah, plus there are ruins there from the 2nd century A.D.




Treehouse and orange trees at Saban’s



Our little cabin

Six months into our trip, we surprisingly haven’t met that many people that are traveling long-term (there has just been one Seattleite in Morocco!).  And to think, before we left, to convince Cale that this was a good idea, I said “don’t worry, everyone does this, we’ll meet lots of people!” Right.  But in Turkey, we met a ton of other travelers that had been on the road for a while.  In Olympos, we met some new buddies, Saba and Kelsey, who had been traveling for a few months and had been to some of the same spots as us (camino in Spain, parts of Morocco, etc.). We joined them for a day-hike on the Lycian Way, which is a gorgeous trek from Fethiye to Antalya that spans about 500 km . We only hiked about 16km total and spent much of our day swimming.  The trail was beautiful, overlooking the ocean.  Cale and I would love to come back someday and hike the whole thing!


Kelsey, Saba, and Cale on the Lycian Way.



Lycian Way



Lycian Way



Cale and Kelsey are on that beach somewhere



The beach where we spent much of the day lounging and swimming

Two nights in Olympos (though we could have easily moved there… for good…) and we were back out to Antalya before our flight back to Istanbul.  We have sworn off night busses.  For now, anyway.


Gotta love mustaches.



Hidirlik Tower in Antalya. The boat below was playing that song from Titanic.



Beach in Antalya. We planned on going to a famous museum but instead crossed the street and spent the day here.



We found the sun! Gotta get our fill before moving back to Seattle!



4 thoughts on “We Found the Sun! Olympos, Turkey.

  1. move back to MIAMI you’ll have sun all year around 🙂 great blog and I want to do the Lycian way too 🙂 perhaps we can all go back and do it together 🙂

    • ha! I wouldn’t last a day running in Miami! I would love to do the Lycian Way with you! You and Cale can speed ahead and I’ll mosey in to camp at the end of the day 🙂

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Turkey – one of our favorite places – I could eat the tomatoes, cucumbers and bread for every meal…………Nice pics……

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