Life On The Road

As we approach 6 months of travel (in just a couple days now!) we realize we’ve become rather accustomed to life on the road.  Here’s a little snippet of our new normal:

We sleep in awkward places:


Sleeping on buses can be so much fun!

We find creative ways to exercise:


Who needs extra exercise when walking 17km per day? Apparently Cale Will.



Just exercising at an outdoor gym with new friends, ya know, the usual. This particular machine was extremely ineffective 🙂



This gem of a photo captures laundry day and exercise all in one.

The rest of the world doesn’t believe in the size ‘large’ for coffee:


Cale: “I asked them for the biggest size that they have.”

Coca Cola is Everywhere:


On the way to our camel trek in the Sahara Desert



Coke in Turkey

We sleep in new beds every few nights:


Neon hostel in Split

Sometimes we get homesick:


I never thought I’d be so happy to see a Starbucks! Complete with a Seattle photo in the background.

Bloggy blog blog:


Blogging with pastries in Budapest

None of our clothes match anymore:


is that what you’re wearing? Yes. Yes it is. All my other clothes are dirty. And even if they weren’t they still wouldn’t match.

We learn to decipher signs:


What they really mean is: Camino Pilgrims Not Welcome!

We learn not to expect to eat what we actually ordered:


I’ll take the dish with no mushrooms, please! Oh… well… ok I’ll take the dish with about of pound of mushrooms instead… I guess.

We take matters into our own hands:


Sometimes I need the freshly washed underwear faster than they will dry on their own.

We live out of backpacks:


Everything I own. This is actually much more organized than it looks.

That’s it in a nutshell, folks! The nitty-gritty of everyday life for a career-break traveler. Now excuse me while I use the hair dryer to dry some more underwear.



2 thoughts on “Life On The Road

  1. I want to hang with you when you get back to hear about this whole adventure! I’ve been reading your blog and I have no idea what is happening 🙂 I will buy you a huge coffee.

  2. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months! Love reading your adventure stories. Drove past your old place three times last week and sure was missing you 🙂 Hope you come back someday but until then, enjoy!

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