Cruisin’ Croatia

The end of September/ early October is a great time to visit Croatia. It’s the off season, which means all the locals think it’s cold out but it’s really just a perfect Seattle summer temperature, plus warm ocean water. Prices go down and it’s less crowded with tourists.

The Adriatic Sea is unbelievably clear. After meandering down the harbors hoping some guy would invite us onto a sailboat for free, we decided we were going about it all wrong and booked a couple boat tours: one in Pula and one in Split.

The first tour took us around Brijuni National Park, which is a series of islands off the coast of Istria.  We couldn’t actually dock at any of the islands since everything is protected, and it’s also government property where they do all their business in the summertime so we could only cruise around and admire.  The main island is where Tito made his home when the country was still Yugoslavia.  Our tour guide explained that residents used to live on the island but moved to the mainland when Tito moved in and built his mansion.  I chuckled and asked “wait, he just moved in and told everyone else they had to leave their homes and find new places to live?” The response: “yeah, it’s not unlike American history.” Touché, tour guide, touché.


The view of Pula from the boat.


One of the Brijuni Islands in the background

The day of the cruise was warm and sunny, and they served a ‘fish-picnic’ which may have been the highlight.  The food was very tasty and we threw the bones to the ravenous seagulls when we were done.


Mmm garlicky goodness.

Our next boat cruise was extra special because Sherry came to visit us! Hooray!  We met Sherry in Split and relaxed for a couple days before booking this day tour that made three stops, including the blue lagoon where we jumped off the boat to swim.


First stop: Maslinica on Island Solta. Plus wi-fi.




Blue Lagoon. We swam here for an hour. The water was nice and warm.


Jump off the boat, climb back in, repeat!


Third stop: Trogir, up the coast from Split





With our new buddy Nakita, from Canada.


Everyone loved Cale because he re-filled the wine glasses.


Sunset on the boat.

If you find yourself in Croatia, these day-tours are great value and will definitely be a highlight of your trip!


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