Think About Yourself

So, they have this thing here. People put decals in their rear windows that say really random things.  It’s pretty entertaining.


I made a quick list of all the decals I saw in one day:

  • The Bible
  • Vision
  • Still Power
  • America Man
  • Do Good
  • Jesus is Coming
  • Think About Yourself
  • God is God
  • It is God
  • God Glory
  • God First
  • Craft Man
  • Redeemer 1
  • Blood of Jesus
  • After Death
  • Holy Ghost Water

I hope you’ve learned something here today.


2 thoughts on “Think About Yourself

  1. My name in Ghana was Akua, born on Wednesday. Twi was the language of my region (not that far from Accra) but Ga was the language of Accra. Were you with a bunch of folks from Kumasi or the Akwapim area? The decals are great, very much like in Nevis (which has always reminded me a lot of Ghana), but MUCH more sexual in nature. Dr Love, I can go all night, etc. They also do a lot of Jesus stuff too, but not mixed up with the sexual prowess stuff. Are you able to get to Larteh? XO from the cabin Nancy

    • We made it to Larteh yesterday! The school where you worked has moved down the road and I wasn’t entirely sure we were in the right spot but I got some shots. I bet some things haven’t changed since 1966! I’ll email you some of the photos.

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