Morocco in Numbers

Thanks to Cousin KT, my guest contributor who came up with this idea and helped to write this blog post!

Number of:

Times bumped into one another whilst running away from a snake or monkey: 2

Unwanted tour guides in Marrakech: 3

Times train door flew open while at full speed: 3

Times almost hit by a motorcycle or horse: 5


No worries, it’s just a donkey carrying 12 giant cans of GAS.

Times told by a sales guy: ‘very good price!’: 100


Berber carpets in Fez

Times in a day we heard the call to prayer: 5


Minaret in Fez

Times stepped in gum: 2 (may I point out, that hasn’t happened since high school)

Times the time has changed randomly, for no apparent reason: 2

Times we were told that Ramadan was ‘kind of’ over, and been thoroughly confused: 2

Times Cale has accidentally asked for weed when he meant hookah: 2

Bars we walked into before we could actually find a beer: 3


Casablanca Beer

Doors photographed: 25


We’re so cool! Photo courtesy of Scott Gardener.

Scents on a 10 minute walk through the Souk: 50

Dried fruits in Fez

Dried fruits in Fez

German selfies: 150


Selfie on Camelback

Tickets oversold on each train ride: 245

Trains that actually arrived on time: 0

Jewish graveyards visited: 2 (kind of a morbid thing to seek out and see, but quite interesting)

Items fallen off of Katie’s camel: 3


Our guide fetching yet something else fallen off of Katie’s camel

Hours spent worrying about what one should wear on a camel trek: 1

Hours spent worrying about dying by snakebite or scorpion bite or tick bite in the desert: 3

Scorpian bites: 0

Tick bites: 0

Snake bites: 0

Mint sprigs needed to make the smell of the tanneries bearable: 1


Tannery in Fez

Roman Ruins visited: 1


Volubilis Ruins outside of Meknes. Photo courtesy of cousin KT.

New friends made: 9


Katie in Marrakech


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