Cast of Camino Characters

The best part of the Camino was the amazing people we met along the way. Here is a quick snapshot of the friends we walked with the most on our way to Santiago:

Danny and Katus from Hungary:


Danny and Katus carried the least weight out of all of us…. but still managed to bring along a tent and a hammock. On this particular day I stole their hammock.


One of the prettiest days of walking. Actually I think we were with Danny and Katus on every ‘ugly’ walking day! We help each other through 🙂


How cute are they.

Roland and Barbara from Germany:


My favorite photo of Roland and Babsi


This is how we rest during breaks on the Camino.


Of course the Germans were the most prepared. On this particular rainy day they turned into Ninja Turtles.


Roland and Babsi skipped ahead one day… and left us notes here and there on the path!

Libby and Katie from the USA:


That one time Libby walked slow enough to let me photograph her!


On Katie’s birthday, Libby snuck ahead and created a treasure hunt of birthday cards sent to Katie from the states. She had to find clues and enter at least five bars saying “Hola, me llamo Katie. Hoy es mi cumpleanos. Tienes algo para mi?” and then she would be presented with a birthday card. It was my favorite birthday ever, and it wasn’t even my birthday.


At sunset in Finisterre, after some guy told us to move out of his view


Katie, Cale and I are contemplating nature… and Libby is leading a parade.

I have so many more photos, and there were so many other inspiring people we met and shared this experience with along the way. Dirg, who found a hat that I dropped 200km away from Santiago and carried it to the end, knowing he would see me again.  The four Irish brothers (out of a family of 9), all bald, who led a yoga session for us in front of the monastery where we stayed. All the non-Americans willing to participate in our 4th of July watermelon eating contest. And so many other friends!


Just before the watermelon eating contest on July 4th


Miss these guys

Despite all the griping about blisters, and the fact that I may or may not have done some permanent damage to my feet, it still holds true that this Camino is one of the best things I’ve ever done.


The clouds rolled in in Finisterre, and we were at the end of the world, and on top of the world, all at the same time.


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