The Camino de Santiago

I wanted to post a few photos of our first couple days of the Camino. It’s so beautiful here in Northern Spain. We are walking the Northern Route, which is different from the French Route (the one they walked in ‘The Way,’ and also the most common). There are fewer pilgrims on this route, but the views have been spectacular. The first day we walked from Irun to Pasaia which was about 18km (though we did take a wrong turn, so I’m pretty sure we walked further than that). We took it easy day 2, only walking about 6km to be able to spend the day at the beach in San Sebastian.  We finished day three with 30km. Tomorrow will be another short day ending in Deba – if we try to go longer than 18km to get to Deba there won’t be any places to stay until kilometer 48 which just won’t work for me:)

Side note: if you ever have a chance to take a month off work and do this, I highly recommend it.  You don’t have to quit your jobs like we did, you just need to ask for a sabbatical.  Once you get the plane trip here, it’s becomes less expensive- based on expenses so far (yes, we are keeping a beautiful excel google doc), we will probably average 60 Euros per day for the two of us.


Here we go!


Looking back over Irun.


Lots of ocean and sky!



Dinner in Pasea de San Juan


A new friend!



View of San Sebastian.

Acting casual by the beach!

Acting casual by the beach!



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