No Biggie, We’re Just Staying in a Castle.

After our short stint in Dingle, we headed back via train through Dublin and down to Rosslaire Harbor, which is on the Southeastern Corner of the Country. We were headed to meet dear family friends, Terre and Ray, who picked us up after a long day of train travel.

Terre and Ray live in a castle.


Cale in the courtyard

Well, I should say they live in what used to be the old stables surrounding this tower, built in 1440 by the Normans as a defense against the native Irish living in the area. The tower has been fixed up enough to be water tight and secure to tour, and the stables have since been converted to condos by a couple with a lot of vision, and I’d have to say a whole lot of gumption.


Pre-refurbishment. The section covered in ivy is now a three story home.


Condos (formerly stables/carriage houses)

Terre and Ray kindly hosted us and we got to hang out with them and Ray’s son, Jason.  We had a relaxing few days with them and also took a few walks to the ocean and into the small town nearby.


View of the castle from the road


At the nearby wind farm


Terre took us on a tour of the tower.  It has stairs looping around the perimeter with large open rooms in the middle.


Stairs inside the tower


Looking into the room on the main level

The rooms were once used as living spaces and storage and a few of the levels even had toilets which used to drop the waste straight outside (it was then used as fertilizer).  Nooks and crannies built to enhance the defense of the tower were tucked everywhere. There was a ‘murdering hole,’ a space right above the castle entrance where fighters would hide and stab attackers with spears and arrows as they tried to enter the tower.  There was also a machicolation which is a hole accessed at the roof that empties out right at the front where you could drop hot oil or stones on enemies attacking the towers.


You shoot your arrows through these skinny little windows

In this tower there were also spaces where pigeons were kept in order to harvest the eggs.


Looking up at the pigeon holes

We reached the roof which had amazing views of the property and the surrounding countryside and ocean.  The roof also held the fire tower (just like in Lord of the Rings) where you could message other nearby towers in case of emergency.


Terre and Cale on the roof



Juxtaposition of old and new, with the windmills in the background


These stables aren’t refurbished yet…


Looking down into Terre’s garden

Next stop: London!



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