Arrival in Dublin

And we’re off!  As mom drove us to the airport, Cale said: ‘it’s not too late to turn back, you know!” And I answered, “actually, it’s far too late for that!”  I know it’s odd that it feels terrifying to leave Seattle, and people seem to roll their eyes when I say that… but I really felt uneasy to leave when the time came; it was really quite scary to go.  Leaving friends and family for a year, leaping into the unknown- without an income, and being in a different place each night means a whole lot of change all at once, and change is scary! Oh yeah, and we’re leaving Seattle at the most beautiful time of year, there’s that too.

Despite all this, it feels amazing to do something I’ve always dreamed of, and we are incredibly lucky to be able to take this trip. Even with all the unease, I haven’t wanted to turn back.


Goodbye, Seattle! We Will Miss You!

Dublin has been a fun, walkable city.  We arrived at 8am Ireland time, which is midnight Seattle time so we are still getting over the jet lag.  I was a bit nervous about the two star hotel that I booked but it has been great :). So far, other than walking around the city, visiting the oldest pub in Dublin (established in the 1100s), and going for a couple runs we have seen the Book of Kells at Trinity College and the Guinness Factory.


Dublin at Night


Oh, that’s just me being super cool.

The Guinness tour was great but felt like propaganda, the way they played up Arthur Guinness.  There was even a quote on the wall saying “Men have tried for years to turn lead into gold.  But Arthur Guinness actually succeeded with his amazing beer.” Or something to that effect.  But you get a free beer at the end and amazing views of the city, and it was all worth it. Fun fact: Guinness buys 2/3s of all the barley grown and harvested in Ireland!


Gravity Bar, at the top of the Guinness Factory


To Prove we were There!


This was the Marketing Section of the Tour. Well, I guess the whole thing was the marketing section…


First Guinness Ad Ever. Did you know: Guinness is good for you, because it contains carbo-hydrates?


View from the Factory Bar

Today we are taking the train to Dingle and hope to take in some of the amazing Irish views!



8 thoughts on “Arrival in Dublin

  1. I didn’t realize you would be in Ireland the same time as my parents! In fact, they were in Dingle two days ago. They told me that’s where “Far and Away” was filmed (the movie we watched together the night you decided you wanted to date Cale). So cool!!!

  2. Bon voyage! Love all the pictures of you adventurers. If you have time to go to inishmoor, that was the highlight of me and moms trip there. Xoxo sending you lots of love!

  3. YAY! I’m so happy you guys finally left (just kidding… kind of)! It’s totally normal feeling scared and uneasy leaving on a trip like this. I cried like a stupid baby when my parents dropped me off at the airport when it was time for me to go to China (by the way, don’t go to China). I hope you guys are already feeling less nervous and are able to drink in how AWESOME this next year is going to be. I’ll try to make sure Seattle doesn’t change too much for your homecoming. Have so much fun and SEE YOU IN MOTHERF*CKING PRAGUE, YEAH!

  4. We are at Ti Joe Watty’s in the Aran Islands. We managed to see the sights before the rain turned into a downpour. We thought you might walk in so we can buy you another Tom Crean’s. Tom is famous for his part of early exploration at the South Pole. We drove through the village where he lived.

    • Thanks guys! We didn’t make it up that far thought we heard that area is supposed to be beautiful. I hope you had a great remainder of your trip!

  5. Sarah! I am so proud. What an adventure!! Please keep updating your blog. I’ll add you to my must-read list. Good luck

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